By Published On: February 22, 2022

Top-Secret Branding Work

One of our favorite nonprofits recently changed their name and became an extension of a larger organization. We can’t tell you who that organization is yet, but let’s just say you’ve definitely heard of them. They are doing wonderful things to promote physical and mental wellness through outdoor adventures, and we’re honored to be working on their new branding. So far, we’ve helped them develop a brand story, brand voice, a brand identity manual, and presentation templates. This work is fulfilling in so many ways and we can’t wait to share it with you when it’s ready for prime time.

Real-life elbow bumping returns

We didn’t see Megan much in January, but she assures us she wasn’t slacking off. Her agency peer group—Synergy, of the Agency Management Institute—kept her busy (in person!) honing her content and strategy skills and sharing insights and best practices. She returned to the subzero temps of Minnesota all revved up and full of ideas for us and our clients to do better marketing. This falls perfectly in line with our renewed focus for 2022: using intelligent creative and data insights to engage niche audiences.

FS trends for 2022

Our financial resources page is chock-full of fresh news and information about research and trends for 2022. Check it out if you’re into that kind of thing.


Sam got away from the city for a couple days to enjoy a cozy stay at a cabin on Lake Superior. He and Lauren stopped at Castle Danger Brewery (their Cream Ale is epic), had some delicious food in Two Harbors, and relaxed under the stars on a rare January night that was less chilly than most in that neck of the woods.

Danette also headed north for a long weekend at the Big Lake (as we like to call it here.)  She had some unexpected visitors at the cabin one day, took full advantage of the perfect XC skiing conditions, and enjoyed dinner and a spectacular sunset at the infamous Angry Trout in Grand Marias.

It wasn’t all work at AMI for Megan. She got out and experienced the beauty of Savannah, GA in her free time—no parka required.

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