By Published On: September 12, 2014

In the rush to embrace rapidly emerging and evolving digital marketing channels it can be easy to ignore tried-and-true tactics like direct mail in your marketing mix. Direct has evolved as well, with much more sophisticated list/targeting methods, postal efficiencies and tracking tools and innovative print and format options.

Direct, integrated with digital channels, can significantly enhance the impact and response of B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. And it offers several valuable marketing benefits, including:

It’s tangible and tactile. You can touch and feel it. It has texture, depth and visual impact.

Message real estate. It has room to more fully represent a product, service, brand or value proposition.

It’s measurable. Direct can be designed to accurately measure response and ROI attributable to the campaign.

It’s not digital. It can be a welcome respite from the mass of electronic content bombarding customers and prospects.

It gets noticed. With less competing messages in today’s mailboxes, your piece can really stand out.

It’s preferred. Current research shows that many people (including Millennials) prefer mail to receive product information.

So, when planning your next campaign, be sure to consider direct in the mix. You might discover that what’s old is new and breathe fresh life into your marketing communications.


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