By Published On: January 27, 2015

It’s that time of year when industry experts, pundits and prognosticators put forth the top trends to watch in the coming year. For banking, it’s a complex and varied list. There are more significant trends now to monitor in a single year than there were in an entire decade not so long ago.

Banking is undergoing some seismic and fundamental changes. Business as usual has been ever not so for some time. With change and uncertainty come anxiety and risk, but also excitement and opportunity. It’s a brave new world and it’s never been more stimulating to be a part of it, especially as a marketer.

Many of the most provocative trends have ties to marketing strategy and execution, highlighting the continuing evolution of the practice’s role within the industry. It takes a thick skin and iron constitution, but the ride can be both thrilling and fulfilling.

Some of the common trends for 2015 espoused in the industry trades include:

  • Broadening acceptance of mobile payments
  • Digital data and personal information security
  • Branch transformation
  • The proliferation of non-bank competition
  • Pre-paid card evolution
  • Financial literacy development
  • Marketing and product design for Millennials
  • Content development and deployment
  • Staffing with “Universal Bankers”
  • Brand differentiation challenges
  • Enhanced, data-driven personalization


It’s going to be another eventful year. And a potentially rewarding one for those who can stay on top of the trends and react with the appropriate blend of speed, tenacity and elegance. May the force be with you …

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