Author: Sheryl Doyle

Marketing for Pride

As June Pride month hits mid-point, rainbow designs are everywhere as brands attempt to demonstrate their support for the LGBTQIA+ community. The rainbow designs are seen on company logos, social media pages, advertising, apparel, food packaging, promotional items, make-up palettes and everything in between. Anyone who works in a creative [...]

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Gen Z and Financial Services: 7 Actionable Marketing Insights

Most marketers have a good understanding of the Millennial mindset and have fine-tuned their strategies to reach this widely talked about generational segment. But now, the primary target has changed. It’s time to put some serious focus on Gen Z. This is particularly true for financial institutions who need to [...]

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Social Change Drives Inclusive Banking

Social change is pushing financial services in new directions. Social consciousness reached a new level during the pandemic. Consumers want to support businesses that share their values and understand who they are.  Many consumers now look at a company’s marketing messages, political views, and social views when deciding where to [...]

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Improving the Marketing Procurement Process – Tips for Agencies

E-procurement systems have historically been utilized in large and mid-sized organizations to create efficiencies and generate cost savings for the purchase of commodities and hard goods. Now, these systems are increasingly being used to source creative marketing services as well, which can present challenges for both clients and agencies. While [...]

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7 Trends in 2021 that will challenge your brand strategy

Managing your brand just got a little harder. Consumer mindsets are undergoing some significant changes and companies need to acknowledge and respond or get left behind by the competition. The Covid-19 pandemic has fueled or accelerated new trends, but they are likely here to stay. As a marketing agency that [...]

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Taking Direct Mail to the Next Level with QR Codes

The use of QR codes is back – in a big way. If you’re not currently using them in your marketing campaigns, you might be missing opportunities. They offer flexibility, creativity, and more importantly, may increase response rates. QR (Quick Response) codes have been around for years. They were developed [...]

By |December 11, 2020|Categories: General|

Personalization is Key to Success in Banking

As marketers, we understand the effectiveness and value of using personalization in our marketing messages. Having worked in financial services for several years on both the client side and agency side, it is apparent that banking has lagged behind in this regard. There are many reasons why this is the [...]

By |August 17, 2020|Categories: Financial Response, General|
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