Author: Mark Zukor

How to write a killer call-to-action

Of all the parts of an ad, email, or other marketing piece, the call-to-action is arguably the most important. Sure, you need to hook them with a compelling headline and draw them in with an interesting visual and engaging copy. But then what? The CTA is where you seal the [...]

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A copywriter’s approach to writing better blogs

Since I’m a copywriter here at d.trio, people seem to think I know what I’m doing when it comes to blogging. Boy, have I got them fooled! Seriously, I feel like I’m winging it just like everyone else. That said, if I really think about it, I guess I do [...]

By |September 25, 2020|Categories: General|

5 Things Digital Marketers Can Learn From Speed Dating

When you think about it, dating is a kind of marketing. And marketing is a kind of dating. Speed dating in particular. That’s because in this era of infinite distractions and record-short attention spans, marketers need to make an instant love connection with their audience. In fact, recent studies show [...]

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What Mister Rogers Can Teach Us About Marketing

All the talk about Mister Rogers over the past couple years has caused us to take another look at the many lessons he taught children—things like kindness, and honesty, and listening to your feelings. Turns out, in addition to being a groundbreaking TV personality, Fred Rogers was a pretty smart [...]

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Menu Engineering: Putting Marketing Where Your Mouth Is

If there are two things we love here at d.trio it’s marketing and food (not necessarily in that order). So when we found an interesting article about how restaurant menus are designed to affect the food choices people make, our ears—and stomachs—perked right up. As marketers, we know all too [...]

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Write better B2B copy with these 8 tips

Want to write B2B copy that resonates with your audience? Copy that builds your brand, drives sales, and helps cement long-term customer relationships? Keep the following tips in mind. Get to know your audience. Before you put finger to keyboard, you need to be clear on exactly who it is [...]

By |December 25, 2019|Categories: B2B Marketing, General|

Better B2B Marketing: It starts with your audience

Want to make your B2B marketing more effective? First thing’s first: get to know your audience. Because to find, connect with, and motivate a potential customer—whether it’s a B2B or B2C customer—you need to understand what makes him or her tick. So what then are the main characteristics of a [...]

By |November 25, 2019|Categories: B2B Marketing, General|

10 Headline Tips Based on Experience, Not Science

As a marketing copywriter, headlines are probably what I enjoy writing most. To me, they’re more than just marketing communication. They’re a way to be creative and connect with an audience. Plus, they’re kind of like little word puzzles, and I love the challenge! I’ve also learned a few things [...]

By |September 15, 2019|Categories: General|
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