By Published On: November 30, 2016

We’ve had a lot of successes this year, and thought we’d share them a la The Twelve Days of Christmas. We considered a video, but soon realized that nobody wants to see any of us sing, so you’ll have to hum the tune in your head instead. We know you’re busy, so we skipped right to the last verse.

In the year of 2016, d.trio was busy with…

Twelve folks creating
Eleven new clients calling
Ten newsletters writing
Nine-plus million pieces mailing
Eight RFP’s responding
Seven Mortgage campaigns a-running
Six videos producing
Fiiiiiiive white papers….
Four Websites
Three Rebrands
Two Summit Creative Awards
And a company given a brand new name

We hope the twelve days of whatever holiday you celebrate this year will be filled with warmth and joy!

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Born of curiosity and enthusiasm, we’re a scrappy group of smart, passionate marketers who work hard and play hard. We show up every day and fight for our clients who are making the world a better place. We listen with curiosity, explore deeply, ask hard questions, and sometimes put forth ideas that might make you squirm. Because we believe the status quo is good for growing mold but not much else. The way we see it, change is the way forward and the magic happens when curiosity, math, science, instinct, and talent intersect.
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