By Published On: June 27, 2017

Cute kids and fun travels

Melinda gave the apparel industry a nice boost this spring with prom dress purchases for two of her daughters, Payton and Grace, for 4 separate proms. But no boyfriends this year – these couples are strictly friends. And they look amazing. Oh, to be young again.

Speaking of being young and looking amazing, Sheryl’s daughter Abby made a big transformation with a hair color change from brown to purple. Sounds simple, but don’t be fooled – this was a 7 hour salon appointment!

Tim’s son Finn celebrated his second birthday on June 9 with, well, cake. And plenty of laughs. This little guy has giggles that will melt your heart.

Fred joined some buddies on a fishing trip to Lake of the Woods and one of the guys caught a walleye of a lifetime (28”, 9+ pounds). Was it beginner’s luck, or good coaching from Fred? Megan spent a long weekend in Austin Texas playing golf, drinking wine and relaxing in the sun, Danette did some wine tasting in California’s Edna Valley, and Sheryl visited Nashville to get in touch with her cowgirl side.

Client visits

We’ve been visiting our clients in various cities around the country and couldn’t help but snap a few photos along the way. Here are some shots from our travels to Atlanta, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Richmond.

Project 333

Charity of the month: Second Harvest

School is out for the summer. Which means fun times for many children, but hungry times for many others. This month we’ve made a donation to Second Harvest to support their kids summer meal program. They claim that for each dollar received they are able to supply 3 meals, so our donation of $333.33 means 1,000 meals will be served to hungry kids. Now that’s a cause we can get behind.

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