By Published On: May 16, 2017

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Maureen had a birthday on April 4 and turned, um, never mind. Let’s just say she’s way younger (6 days) than Megan. Tim and Sheryl both had anniversaries—Sheryl 14 years (!) and Tim 4 years. We’re super-thankful for Sheryl’s dedication and we appreciate Tim’s passion for hockey and all the great work he does for his clients. Due to our larger than average workload the past few weeks, we haven’t had time to celebrate properly, but it will happen soon. And there is certain to be food involved.

Why are we so busy?

We’ve been doing a lot of new business pitches—and it’s working! We’re excited to be partnering with a new banking client on naming and branding for their new division. We have a new client in healthcare data and direct mail that we’re helping with updated messaging and positioning. In addition, we are working with a manufacturing company on the top-secret branding of a new hi-tech product. We feel a little bit like spies with this one in the house.

In the first few weeks of May, we traveled to Richmond VA, Atlanta and Chicago to meet with more new prospects and continue building ongoing relationships. It’s an exciting time around here, and we are grateful for the trust our clients have put in us and for the variety of work we get to do.

Project 333

Charity of the month: The Water Project

We honored Earthy Day in April with a donation to The Water Project – a wonderful organization that helps provide drinking water to impoverished villages. After we made our donation, the follow-up was quite impressive. We immediately received an email with information about the specific project that our dollars are supporting, including: A map of the project, a graph of dollars collected to date, how much is needed to complete the project, the stage of the project, its expected completion date and how many people it will impact. The email also included a link for checking in on the project, and to see photos of and testimonials for the finished work. As marketers, we very much appreciated this unexpected engagement. It’s very likely to inspire future donations.

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