By Published On: November 30, 2017

Turning 18 in ’18!

In January, d.trio will enter into adulthood. Which means a celebration is in order! We’ve got all sorts of surprises up our grownup sleeves to share with our friends. We’ll look back over the years, which, by the way, weren’t always so carefree. (Remember the recessions of 2001 and 2008?). We’ll tell the story of our humble beginnings in Megan’s basement (with one computer, one fax machine, one landline and zero cellphone reception). We’ll reminisce about our biggest successes (which led to four expansions in our current space). We’ll launch a contest and give some stuff away. And we’ll get just plain silly (Alice Cooper’s “I’m 18” will never be the same). Keep an eye on your mailbox and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates. It’s gonna be epic!

Project 333

Charity of the month: UNICEF Puerto Rico

Every month, we find it difficult to choose a charity for Project 333—there are so many good options worthy of our support. For the holiday season, we decided to research children’s charities and we rediscovered UNICEF. And since it’s still so much in our thoughts, we’re specifically supporting the UNICEF Puerto Rico Children’s fund. Puerto Rico remains in a desperate state, so the dollars will likely go toward supplying children with much-needed necessities like water, bedding, clothing and food. Our hope is that this will be the best present the children of Puerto Rico could receive this year—and we trust that UNICEF may add a toy or two to each package.

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Halloween Potluck and Waffle Day

One day in October, somebody at the agency suggested that we have a Halloween party. Soon we found ourselves digging in our basements and making Target runs in an effort to create the “d.trio Hallway of Terror”—which coincidentally (or not) ran right through the creative department. Our two weeks of horror in the hallway ended on Halloween day with some pretty scary looking—but quite tasty—potluck dishes.

Then, on the day before Thanksgiving, we decided waffles were in order, so we created our first-ever waffle bar—complete with three simultaneously running waffle irons and a spread of fixin’s that even IHOP would be envious of.

Puppy pictures (because we can’t help ourselves)

‘Nuf said.

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