By Published On: June 28, 2021

The next chapter for print and digital

There was no shortage of oohs and aahs in a webinar we recently attended on how augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are making their way into the world of printing. It’s clear we’ve come a long way from scanning a QR code that takes us to a web page or video. The newest technology allows for 3D images of characters or products to be visualized in your physical surroundings, for printed images to come to life in voice and motion, and more. We’ve already been brainstorming ways for our clients to use this slick new tech in their marketing initiatives and we invite anyone who wants to learn more to get in touch. As an added incentive, USPS is offering a discount on all printed materials using AR/VR now through August 31st.

Curated content for our financial friends

If you’re one of our financial services clients, you know our experience runs deep in the industry. To help you stay informed, we recently updated our curated webpage with new articles we think you’ll find useful, like: what Millennials really want from a credit card, how fintech’s are gaining favor with consumers, stories of how personalized digital banking platforms are helping diverse groups, and how Mastercard is highlighting the plight of endangered species, just to name a few. See all these articles and more on our Financial Industry Marketing page.

Featured on Forbes

Since d.trio joined the Forbes Agency Council, Megan has been featured in multiple articles in which she and other agency members offer expert tips and advice on various marketing-related topics, like providing value with content marketing, converting website traffic to sales, using VR in marketing, and tips on measuring podcast advertising results, just to name a few.


Carol and her sister spent a long weekend visiting their brother in and around Glacier National Park in Montana. After a long in-person absence, they felt fortunate to reunite in such a stunning location. They enjoyed hiking, picnicking, and seeking glimpses of wildlife from the safety of their car. As an avid traveler, Carol was happy to get back on the road – and in the air. This trip was just a warmup for her upcoming adventure to Iceland in August!

Beth decided it was time to do something about the outdated exterior of her house and went full-on modern with a charcoal/light grey combo. Rumor has it she’s inadvertently driven by it more than once before realizing she was indeed on the right block.


Sam and Lauren celebrated Lauren’s birthday in Duluth with a fantastic dinner at Lake Avenue restaurant featuring softshell crabs and fancy cocktails. They visited the historic lift bridge and encountered a “very interesting” vehicle at Canal Park (driven by a “very interesting” person, no doubt).

Danette escaped the heat and humidity of Minneapolis and spent a long weekend at her friend’s cabin on Lake Superior. After a few jaunts on the Superior Hiking Trail and few nights with wine and friends by the fire, she was (mostly) ready to return to reality.

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