By Published On: March 29, 2016

March is a busy month at d.trio, we’re celebrating one big anniversary and a couple of birthdays. Beth Seitzberg, Creative Director and Megan Devine, Partner both celebrate their birthdays in March (the 14th and 29th respectively). And, Sheryl Doyle, our EVP of Client Services celebrated 13 years at d.trio on March 15th! Congratulations to her and thanks for all the great work along the way, Sheryl. She started out in an AE position here as our second employee and worked her way up to EVP by helping d.trio grow and evolve. Sheryl’s mini-profile:

sherylHeadSheryl looks back on the past 13 years and answers 5 burning questions.

  1. What did your family look like then compared to now?
    I was in a completely different family life stage. When I first started at d.trio, my kids were 8, 4 and 2-years-old. Now, the oldest is 21 and concurrently finishing up her undergraduate degree and starting her master’s program in psychology.  My middle child will be turning 18 in April, is graduating from high school in June and is narrowing down her final college decision.  My baby is 15 and just received her driver’s permit.  It’s crazy.  I am notorious for keeping photos in frames forever, so anyone who walks into my office can see the progression over time.
  1. What have you enjoyed most during your time at d.trio?  
    Definitely, the people.
  1. What has been the biggest change you’ve seen/experienced in the marketing industry?  
    The expansion of marketing channels, namely digital.  The way that we consume, create, and distribute marketing content has changed dramatically and continues to evolve.
  1. What gadget/service/product that has been developed since you started have you most liked/appreciated?
  1. Name the best of each of these four you’ve experienced over the past 13 years:
    Book – The Stand:  The Complete and Uncut Edition – Stephen King
    Movie – Bridesmaids
    Concert – Prince
    Vacation – All of our vacations with the kids.  Not always the most relaxing or luxurious, but the best memories.


d.trio Supports the Next Generation of Communicators


d.trio recently became a sponsor of the Blaine High School Speech Team. As a marketing agency, communication is the core of our business. In reality, it is the key to success for any business or individual.

Speech is a competitive academic activity with 14 different categories in which students can participate. Categories range from creative, to dramatic, to informative. In addition to building communication and public speaking skills, speech fosters critical thinking, confidence, engagement and knowledge of world events.

We wish these students luck in their final upcoming tournaments and in their future endeavors.

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