By Published On: October 1, 2014

Maureen Dyvig
Spent 11 days in New York in June. Got to see and do a ton of stuff that I usually don’t have time for. Breaking my foot shortly after the trip was my least favorite thing I did this summer.

Megan Devine
I spent 5 days with friends in Breckenridge Colorado golfing and hiking up to the spectacular Hoosier Pass – 11,450 feet high – for panoramic views of the valley. Being surrounded by 14,000 foot mountain peaks puts life in perspective.

Fred Driver
Biking nearly 900 miles over the summer, including rides to/from the office a couple days each week. Being outdoors so much after last winter was great for the brain and body.

Tim Swenson
My wife and I went to Chicago for our anniversary. Ate some amazing food, visited the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium and Navy Pier. Also had a drink at the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor. Ears popped at least 3 times in the elevator.

Catherine Smalley
I went to Chicago with my SO’s family. We spent 3 days sightseeing, watched the largest US air show down on the lake front, and had amazing dinners and drinks at some Chicago hot spots. And of course… there was shopping!

Sheryl Doyle
Started golfing again after taking several years off. Enjoyed spending time with my family and our new puppy, Charlie.

Beth Seitzberg
Lots of deck time.

Mary Lonneman
I went to the MN State Fair with my husband. He won a stuffed giraffe at one of the games on the Midway. When we boarded the shuttle bus to depart the fair, the bus driver asked if we needed a child seat for the giraffe.

Melinda Moore
I spent 4 days in Chicago watching lacrosse, and gave my four daughters a whirlwind tour of the city… and ate the best deep dish pizza ever.

Mark Zukor
Smack dab in the hottest part of summer, fourteen of my family members met at a Club Med in Florida to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Even though I don’t like the beach or the heat (and man, was it CRAZY HOT!), spending five days with family I rarely see made that trip the highlight of my summer.


What did you do this summer? (and can you believe it’s over?) Let us know on Facebook or in the comments!


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