By Published On: April 30, 2015

Scott Meyer, Chief Advancement Officer at the U of M College of Liberal Arts, recently started a new endeavor at the CLA where he’s enlisted current Liberal Arts students to be a part of his internal student agency. His mission is to change the way people talk about Liberal Arts degrees and re brand the college as a whole. A few of us, at d.trio, got involved with the project when we were asked to participate on the CLAgency advisory board, consisting a group of tenured professionals in the advertising and marketing industry.

Last week, Scott asked that I come in and speak to the student agency about our client at CLA admissions and our current project. D.trio is in the process of completing new admissions materials and collateral for CLA and my presentation focused on our work thus far and on the creative process as a whole from an account perspective. The students, though all in the College of Liberal Arts, come from very different backgrounds and areas of study. They were smart, insightful and we got some great feedback on our pieces, it was like a free focus group, which illustrates the genius of Scott’s student agency. I enjoyed speaking with the students at CLAgency and can’t wait to see the positive impact they will provide the university. More to come on our work with CLAgency and the admissions collateral!


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