By Published On: August 31, 2016

The past few months have brought us some fun new projects—from both current and new clients—that have been keeping us on our toes.

  • Rebranding: Including a new logo and capabilities brochure, for a B2B company that’s looking for a fresh new image. We will be developing and deploying surveys for both internal and external stakeholders, and basing the new brand on our findings.
  • Two new websites: One for a cool technology company that makes teeny tiny metal structures that are used in all kinds of high-tech products, and one for a consulting company that provides business valuation and litigation support to their clients.
  • New product marketing: We developed a marketing plan with 10+ tactics for educating new potential customers about a unique new financial services product. Now we’re deep into the creative portion, and will eventually be managing the print production for direct mail.
  • A new way to design banner ads: We’ve ramped up our knowledge base and skill set of HTML5 to stay current. We are now DoubleClick Studio, QA and Dynamic certified and are putting our animation skills to work in Google Web Designer for multiple banner projects, including Basic Dynamic and Advanced Dynamic national banner ads for a large bank.


Watch our Featured Work section over the next few months to see some of these projects come to life.

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