By Published On: May 26, 2020

DocuMart, an established, family-owned retail and commercial print services provider with multiple locations throughout the U.S., came to us last fall for help with their brand messaging, logo, and website. Their goals were to grow their business by reaching new prospective customers and promote their lesser-known services.

As with any project of this kind, we started by asking a lot of questions. We asked about DocuMart’s capabilities and about the personalities of each of its locations. We talked to customers about their perceptions of DocuMart. And we surveyed employees to learn about the company culture. Armed with our findings, we developed messaging that told the DocuMart story with succinct, relatable, benefit-oriented language. We also updated the logo to a more modern look and feel. Then we tackled the website.

The old site worked fine as a place to upload files, but not so well as a marketing tool, since it appeared to be written mostly for SEO purposes. That gave us the opportunity to tell the DocuMart story by focusing on their differentiators in a competitive industry. The final product is a fresh, modern website with a clean new logo that works as both a marketing tool for attracting new customers and an operations tool for current customers. In the words of one DocuMart employee “…WOW…it’s incredible. We’re so impressed, and our clients are noticing. Very grateful for all the effort. A brand to be proud of.”

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