By Published On: March 28, 2022

It started innocently enough. On a late summer day in 2021, the email read something like this: “We need a proposal for a website redesign for a company we recently acquired and we’re looking for a quick turnaround”.

No big surprise in our line of work. Clients need things fast. So off to the races we went.

Fast forward to mid-October and we found ourselves pushing the go-live button on what turned out to be way more than a website redesign. It was a slick, shiny new website, chock-full of product videos, and designed, developed, and hosted by yours truly.

Before we had time to come up for air, we were on to creating and managing a full-blown omnichannel awareness and lead gen campaign, plus UX mapping and design for the upcoming launch of a related SaaS product.

The client was CDS Visual—a B2B provider of 3D visualization services for industrial manufacturers. In just 4 months, we helped them deploy multiple prospecting emails, launched and managed LinkedIn advertising, PPC, digital display ads, and retargeting ads.  

In addition to the 50+ leads that were generated during that time, they experienced massive increases in website traffic (300%), new website users (270%), sessions (250%), and time on page (200%).

We’re a pretty humble crew, but we don’t mind saying we’re really proud of this work and the results it delivered.

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