By Published On: January 28, 2020

d.trio is 20 years old!

What can you say about surviving 20 years in the agency world? Well, turns out quite a bit, so stay tuned for stories. (If you received one of our annual notebooks, you’ll find some there. If you didn’t, send us a note and we’ll ship one to you right away.) We are eternally grateful to our fabulous clients, vendors, contractors, freelancers, and employees who have supported us every step of the way. Thank you for letting me (Megan) and us (d.trio) do what we love each day.

Celebrating partnerships

We wrapped up 2019 in true d.trio fashion—with food and socializing, of course. (And even some shop talk). We took our annual holiday trip to Atlanta and kicked it off with a Synchrony team meeting, followed by a delicious lunch at South Main Kitchen. Known for their elevated southern cuisine, it’s no surprise that the pimento cheese dip was a crowd favorite among both southerners and northerners alike.

Our SunTrust (now Truist) folks opted for dinner at Two Urban Licks in the heart of the city. “Two”, as those of us in the know call it, is a renowned restaurant known for their wood-fired cuisine. Not only were our Atlanta clients able to attend, their teammates from Richmond and some BB&T folks from Charlotte were also in town for the party. The big crowd and fantastic food made for a festive night with some well-deserved de-stressing and a celebration of hard work and accomplishments.

While we took some time to celebrate our successes in December, we were also working to secure an exciting new client partnership. Atlanticus is a financial services company that provides credit solutions to help meet the needs of financially underserved consumers. We’ve already started digging into the work of helping them achieve their marketing objectives for their consumer credit card and retail credit products.

Tim hits the woodworking shop

When we turned a vacant office near the entrance of our suite into a storage room, we had a bit of an eyesore on our hands due to an uncovered window. Rather than taking the easy route of ordering blinds for the window, Tim had a vision of using his woodworking skills to do something original. He gathered some scrap lumber and then measured, cut, drilled, fastened, sanded, dyed, and painted a truly unique piece of d.trio branded art— that shows our personality way more than a boring set of white blinds.



Danette escaped Minnesota’s frozen tundra for 11 days of sun and fun in her favorite Mexican village of Troncones. And Megan tackled the January blahs with a visit to Palm Springs for a week of golfing, hiking and R&R.

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