By Published On: May 5, 2023

Don’t just “go live” and hope people will find that brilliant new website you’re building. Stir up some attention. Here’s some inspiration…

Light a fire internally

  1. Make a launch video with a sneak peek at certain pages and new features
  2. Set up a go-live countdown that everyone can see
  3. Once live, ask those seeing it for the first time to send you their initial reaction (to use later for external promotion)
  4. Celebrate with everyone in the company – throw a party, a happy hour, a catered lunch, set up an all-staff virtual call if people are remote – complete with swag
  5. Ask everyone to share the new site on their social pages
  6. Create a cheat sheet for each department with the new features that will help them do their jobs better and/or things they’ll want to share with their customers
  7. Promote it on the company intranet
  8. Set up a scavenger hunt with prizes to encourage people to scour the site and get to know it better
  9. Create backgrounds to be used for virtual meetings using graphics from the new site
  10. Make some humorous swag like t-shirts that say “My company launched a new website and all I got was this stupid t-shirt”

Open up the flood gates

  1. Send an email and ask readers to respond with their first reactions (making it less of a formal announcement and more of an interactive piece of content)
  2. Promote it in your newsletter – share initial reactions from employees that you collected in the internal launch phase
  3. Add it to your email signature (“Check out our new website”)
  4. Talk about it on social media – show your favorite parts
  5. Make an explainer video to show off new customer-centric features
  6. Tell the story in a blog about why and how you created it
  7. Ask your vendors and other non-customer connections to mention it on their social feeds
  8. Send a press release to your local media and industry news outlets
  9. Make a cheat sheet customized for each customer or customer type that outlines the features that will make doing business with you that much better
  10. Create a behind-the-scenes documentary of the people on the website team doing their work and post on social and other places
  11. Retarget people who’ve visited your old website with an ad promoting your new one
  12. While it’s still new, mention it every time you have a customer meeting or call

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